​​​​P A T S Y ' S  B A K E  S H O P​

​​Custom Made Cakes and Cookies in West

30 Years of Awesome

Blue & White Roses Sugar Free

Mom's Flower Garden

Guinea Pig Love

50th with Black Roses & Leaves

18 with 27 Years of Experience


Orange Roses

60th Aqua with White Roses & Gray Leaves

Czech Aster Flowers

22nd with Sunflowers

Womens Cakes 4 - Sheet Cakes

Pink and White with Pink Roses

92 with Pink & Purple Flowers

German Chocolate with Chocolate Roses

29 Again in Black with Colorful Sprinkles

95 with Lacy Heart & Red Roses

Lavender Roses

100 Year Old Baker

76th plus 10 with Pink Roses

80th Birthday Cupcakes with Flowers