​​​​P A T S Y ' S  B A K E  S H O P​

​​Custom Made Cakes and Cookies in West

HOLT Cat Retirement Black, Yellow and White

TYMCO Retirement Cupcakes Blue and White

40 Years Police Department

HOLT Cat Retirement 42 Years

Retirement, Appreciation Cakes 1 - Retirement

After 40 Years, the Cowboy Rides Away

School Nurse Retirement with Boo Boo Box 

Nurse Retirement

Bon Voyage

Holt CAT 28 Year Retirement

TYMCO Retirement with Sweeper 

Gone Fishin' Into Retirement

Beautician Retirement

Izzie's Retreat

Police Chief Retirement

$100 Bill

TSTC Retirement with Letters and Stars

School's Out Forever

Boo Boo (Bandage) Cupcakes