Spiderman & Blue Web

Captain America, Superman, Batman and Spiderman

Superheroes Trio with Hulk Hand

 ​4 with Superheroes

Captain America with Stars, Stripes and Name

​Boys Cakes 1 - Avengers, Batman, Black Panther, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Ninja, Ninjago, Spiderman, Superheroes, Superman, Thor

 ​Superheroes Quad

5 with the Avengers

 ​Spiderman Face with Buildings

 Superman, Spiderman & Batman

​​Custom Made Cakes and Cookies in West

 ​Superheroes on Squares

Spider Man with Webbing and Nightline

Black Panther with Lights

Ninjago Face with Legos

 ​Avengers on a Square

​​​​P A T S Y ' S  B A K E  S H O P​