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Patsy's Bake Shop

My bakery is licensed and inspected every six months by the McLennan County Health Department.

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Custom Made Cakes and Cookies in West

  The types of cakes have changed since I started my business. With modern technology, the cake decorating industry has added so many more products that help me with making the decorations. So many more things are edible compared to what they used to be. I am learning about new products and more techniques all of the time. Maybe one day I can afford the 3D printer especially made for cake decorating. That will be something to experience!

Sit down a spell...

   Being the oldest girl from a large family, I enjoyed creating cakes for my brothers and sisters. It progressed from doing it for family and friends to others.

   In 1996, I officially opened Patsy's Bake Shop in West. Over the years, Patsy's Bake Shop custom made cakes have been unique and different. Some of the Patsy's Bake Shop custom made cookies have been a challenge, but very rewarding in the long run, Believe me, each week's orders are completely different. All of the fondant flowers, and accent pieces are hand made by me. They take a lot of work and time, but it's worth the effort to see the joy on a child or adult's face.